Free Classroom Handouts

Alligator Maze Medium

Amphibian Puzzle

Bearded Dragon Information

California Venomous Snakes vs. Non-Venomous

Corn Snake Information

Croc Maze Hard

Frog Maze Hard

Frog Word Search Medium


Reptile Puzzle

Snake Word Search Medium

Turtle Maze Hard

E&M’s Reptile Family has put together some fun and educational handouts and activities especially for you and your students!  All files are appropriate for school-age children and are FREE to download in Adobe PDF format.  The top section is geared for older grade levels and the bottom is fun for all age groups.  Enjoy and thank you for your support.

About Amphibians


Alligator Maze Easy

Banded Gecko

Blues Brothers

Boas in da hood

Box Turtle

Chameleon 2



Croc Maze Easy

Desert Tortoise

Frog Coloring Puzzle





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