Our Rescue Work

Before we ever dreamt about doing what we loved for a living we have been rescuing animals.  Dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, reptiles, and all sorts of other living creatures.  Almost all of our 80+ animals that make up our family today are rescued.  This is an important part of our work and we touch on this in each of our shows.  There are so many animals of all species and breeds that need a good home these days and we encourage all of you to do some research before you head out to get a new family member.  Many shelters and rescues have an animal in need and one that could truly benefit from your families love.  Advice from us is always free and you can check out our downloads page to get some information on the two reptiles we recommend as a pet.  Believe it or not, there are only two.  The Australian Bearded Dragon Lizard and the Corn Snake from right here in the United States.  These two species are no longer taken from the wild and make excellent additions to any family in search of a nice reptile to be a part of their family.
If you have an animal that is need of a new home we are always here to help you.  If we are unable to give the animal a home we will reach out to our network of animal lovers to help you and your pet find a permanent and happy home.  Over the years we have placed countless animals and we hope to continue to be able to help these animals whenever we can.  We thank you for all your support and for keeping us doing what we love!



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